Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust has been instituted in the memory of renowned Dogri litterateur editor, columnist and Sahitya Akademi Awardee Late Group Captain Randhir Singh, popularly known as `Kunwar Viyogi’ in literary circles.

Launched on September 4, 2016, on the birth anniversary of Kunwar Viyogi, the Trust is committed to promoting and preserving Dogri language and literature through the medium of art, culture, education, innovation and much more. The aim is to empower the youth and provide them with a defined platform so as to aid them in pursuing their dreams and ambitions while entrusting them with the responsibility of giving back to the society.

In association with Department of Dogri, the University of Jammu, the Trust has instituted three scholarships- Kunwar Viyogi Merit Scholarship- to be awarded to male topper in MA Dogri; Prem Jamwal Kunwar Viyogi Merit scholarship, to be awarded to female topper in MA Dogri and Kunwar Viyogi Research Scholarship- to be awarded to students who undertake research work on the Dogri writers/poets etc., especially Kunwar Viyogiji. The Trust has also instituted Prem Jamwal KV Trust Innovation Award to recognise and celebrate exceptional talent/innovative idea that aims to inspire and expand the artistic and cultural horizons.

In association with Dogri Sanstha, Jammu, the Trust has instituted the Kunwar Viyogi Sahitya Puraskar for the first book or the best book in Dogri by a young Indian author; the first manuscript/published in Dogri or translation of Dogri in any Indian Language recognised by the Dogri Sanstha, Jammu.

Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust is privileged to have renowned personalities from the world of Art, Literature and Culture on its Advisory Council panel, who are equally passionate about promoting and preserving Dogri language and literature and bring to the table similar values that the Trust abides by.

Apart from its present responsibilities and commitment to preserve and share works, thoughts and life of Kunwar Viyogi, the Trust also aspires to promote among others:

(i) Cultural and artistic subjects/works like literature, painting, music shows, dramatic performances and dances reflecting/exhibiting Indian Cultures/traditions.

(ii) Initiate activities directed to preserving literature, culture and heritage of the Jammu and Kashmir.